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Le Petit Porteur Specifications

Design guidelines


Far from the new models of “smartbikes”, Le Petit Porteur is in line with utility bikes.

Keep it simple.



Compact, it takes up no more space than a standard bicycle. Try to store an regular cargo bike or a longtail bike in your basement 😉


After adopting it, you will wonder how you did without it.

What makes Le Petit Porteur so different ?

Small wheels

The 20 inch wheels bring liveliness and maneuverability in the city. Le Petit Porteur is as comfortable on cycle paths as in traffic. They also lower the center of gravity of the bike, making it even more stable.

Low center of gravity

The frame geometry lowers the center of gravity of the bike. Whether you carry your child in his seat fixed on the rear platform and / or shopping in the front basket, you will not be destabilized by your load, even at low speed.

Fixed front rack

Robust fixing points allow a rack or a removable basket to be attached to the front of the bike. The basket, secured to the frame, does not rotate with the fork. Driving the bike is all the more comfortable once the basket is loaded (the steering is not weighed down by the load).

Driving position

“comfort” or “sport” position, Le Petit Porteur adapts to all styles of driving according to the length of the stem and the shape of the handlebars (wide and flat or rather narrow and raised). Adapt your Petit Porteur to your driving style.

Chargement LPP

Encombrement réduit

Main frame dimensions measured in mm

WB 1079
C 457
S 420
S1 480
Reach 385
Stack 596
T 560
T1 518
L 1670
F 305
R 45

The frame in detail

Frame + Fork (CrMo)

6,5 Kg

Front Rack (Alu)

1,5 Kg

Optional Rear Rack (Alu)

1,6 Kg

Front Rack

Robust, in 40 cm x 40 cm format to accommodate a basket or a box.

The rack is also compatible for attaching to the rear platform.

Optional Rear Rack

Format 40 cm x 60 cm to increase the rear loading volume.

Attachment to the rear platform of the frame.